Wine Cellars of Design, Kevin Piper

Kevin Piper
CEO | Designer

“At Wine Cellars of Distinction, many of our clients are
passionate about wine collecting. After the wine cellar is
built, it becomes one of the most important rooms in
the house,” said Kevin Piper.

“If I were to give a homeowner advice on how to design
a wine cellar, I would say let’s sit down and talk about
what you’re looking for and than let us design it.

We have 20 years experience building beautiful,
functional and amazing showcase wine cellars.”

Craig Taylor
Vice President Operations

“We make custom wine racks and exclusive designs
for our clients. Our craftsmanship is what sets us
apart,” said Craig Taylor.

“We can build or transform any space into a beautiful
wine room to organize a few hundred bottles or
upwards of 4,000.”