Wine Cellar Racks 101

Selecting your wine cellar racks is the second most important decision you’ll make after space planning. Do you like modern and contemporary wine rooms or do you prefer classic, traditional or vintage?

Wine room racks serve as a functional way to store wine bottles or collections, but they can also enhance your home’s beauty, organization and interior design theme.    

Decorative shelves or arched tops display art beautifully while curved racks, stemware racks, stains, finishes and LED lighting create a one-of-a-kind custom look. Wine rack material ranges from metal or wood to custom handcrafted ceramic racks.

Wine Cellar Wood Racks by Wine Cellars of DistinctionWOOD WINE RACKS
Wood wine cellar racks provide a Tuscany or Napa vineyard feel, both of which are timeless. Pine, oak and walnut are good selections, but mahogany, cherry, redwood and cyprus can turn a standard wine room into a spectacular showcase. Add your personal touch with a finish in chestnut, espresso, ebony or select a custom color to match your home’s cabinetry and interior. Don’t just think straight lines; wine racks can be handcrafted with curved transitions.

Wine Cellar Metal Racks by Wine Cellars of DistinctionMETAL WINE RACKS
Modern wine room designs are today’s most popular trend. Metal, steel or aluminum wine racks have revolutionized how wine is displayed and stored. Metal wine racks are perfect for tight wall spaces and floor to ceiling frame work. Dimensions are important – a functional wine cellar holds 750ml bottles plus odd sizes such as magnums, double magnums and champagne bottles.

Wine Cellar Waterfall Racks by Wine Cellars of DistinctionWINE RACK STYLES
A wine rack can hold one bottle per slot or larger cubes hold a case of 12 bottles. Wine shelves are grooved and slotted for storing any bottle size in any orientation. Choices are stackable modular racks, solid panel cubes, angled front slats, spacer bars, eased slat edges and curved corners. Cascading waterfall racks are eye-catching and can feature a special vintage or accessory. 

Wine Cellar Racks by Wine Cellars of DistinctionORGANIZING & WINE TASTING TABLE
A wine tasting table can quickly become a main attraction in your home amongst family, friends and business associates. Wine racks can be creatively installed under a tasting table for additional wine storage and convenience. Many homeowners enjoy categorizing their wine by country, region or type. 

5 Tips for Building a Custom Wine Room

Wine Cellars of Distinction

5 Tips for Building a Custom Wine Room

Wine cellar design begins first with space planning than ideas about lifestyle, entertaining and wine storage will fall easily into place. There are unlimited options when adding a wine room to a residential remodel or new home construction.

1. Goals: Are you building a wine room for storage, entertaining or both? It’s important to have a clear vision of your goals before you start. Many homeowners enjoy a wine tasting table for family and friends to gather. However, other wine collectors prefer to build a show-stopping wine room that will impress friends and hold a large collection.

2. Space: Transform a spare bedroom, closet or garage into an extraordinary wine cellar that utilizes an unused space in your home. Check out a modern all glass wine room built under a staircase!

3. Design: A custom wine room can compliment your home’s interior design and decor. Do you like a modern look with stainless steel racking or a traditional design with wood wine cellar racks? LED spotlights, chandeliers and back lighting can feature wine bottles, glasses, art or finishings.

4. Organization: The same basic rules apply for storing hundreds or thousands of bottles of wine. A labeling or charting software will organize your collection by type, region and year. But, the most important label shows the date when the wine will be at its best and time to drink!

5. Budget: Schedule a time to meet (at your home or property) with a reputable wine cellar designer to discuss ideas, goals and budget. A designer can help you think outside the box and suggest creative space planning, materials, costs and timeline.

Enjoy the process. Your story will be shared today and for generations to come.